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Friday, September 16, 2005

Launch of IMS Insider info Service

Since we launched 'IMS Insider' today - a new info service for those in the telco, media and IT industries trying to make sense of the opportunities from a new concept called the IP Multimedia Subsystem - I've been inundated with messages.

It seems to be hitting the spot in the industry! Thank you to everyone for your support and interest.

We spent a lot of time in advance asking people (operators and vendors) what they needed right now. They told us:

- Something dedicated just to IMS.
- Something focused on 'commercialising IMS' ("We've already got loads of technical information").
- Something regular, but also short.
- Something that sifts the wheat from the chaff, the 'hot' from the 'hot air'.
- Something authoritative, to give us real direction: not from journalists, but from telco/IT. practitioners with real hands on experience of the telco industry.
- Something interactive: not just a e-newsletter.

So, for those who don't know, 'IMS Insider' is like a club. We have a monthly e-newsletter which condenses all the mountain of information about IMS into something useful (you can get the first Sept edition for free at http://www.ims-insider.com). To support this we have an email Q&A service, where each week subscribers can ask questions by email direct to our experts, who promise to reply within a certain time frame (you need to subscribe to get this!). And a quarterly register of IMS Deployments from around the world (again, subscription needed).

This blog is open to anyone. It contains some special stories, ideas, and helps newbies to IMS understand where to go to get the best information about IMS (SEE BELOW HERE).

We're very excited about the potential of IMS for the telco, media and IT companies. I look forward to stimulating the debate over the next year.

PS: If you subscribe to IMS Insider in September, there's a 50% discount on the annual subscription. Just go to http://www.ims-insider.com

Editor, IMS Insider

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