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Friday, October 14, 2005

IMS World Forum - Amsterdam 11-14 October

A superb IMS World Forum in Amsterdam this week, organised by Informa (www.telecoms.com/ims). A 5 day extravaganza with over 300 delegates from all corners of the world, over 50 high quality presentations, all sorts of workshops and an exhibition...plus a very pleasant evening boat trip through the canals courtesy of Huawei.

I'll be posting a series of commentaries on what was presented and discussed at the event over the coming week.

Also, the results of our survey on what the delegates felt are the most important IMS-enabled/IMS-enhanced services that operators should focus on creating. This was the big question at the event...

We were extremely pleased by the reaction to our 'IMS Insider' (www.ims-insider.com) service (of which this blog forms a part). A question we were asked repeatedly by IMS practitioners we met at the event was: "How come you can launch a service that gives subscribers 12 high quality monthly reports, plus an 'Ask-an-Expert' email service, plus a quarterly IMS Deployments Register for £995 GBP...per annum! Normally that's the price of a one-off report, which is out of date as soon as we get it!"

The answer was/is that the 'IMS Insider' service (supported by this free blog) is not how we make our money. The practitioners at our parent consulting company, STL, are working with Operators and Vendors every day on IMS and related 'business growth issues'. We kept hearing that there was a need for something regular, authoritative and laser-focused on the question "how, practically, can we make money out of IMS?". So, IMS Insider was born in early September.

Since then we've been overwhelmed by the response from around the world and already signed up a significant number of individual subscribers, as well as companies who've taken global licenses for it. The annual subscription fee essentially covers our costs of production (and, for those who are interested, we have a promotion till the end of October which makes it only £726 GBP per annum (25% off). See www.ims-insider.com if you're interested.

In the meantime, I can wholeheartedly recommend Informa IMS conferences, which are without doubt the best in the world at present.

Their next IMS conferences:

- Analyzing the Business Case for IMS/MMD Deployment and Implementation - 7th - 11th November 05, Dallas http://www.telecoms.com/imsmmd
- IMS Asia - 21 - 22 March 2006
- The 3rd IMS World Forum 2006, 25th - 27th April 2006, Barcelona

A big thank you to Davide Bonomi and team at Informa who are creating such impressive educational and networking events. We looking forward to continuing our partnership with you!

The Editor


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