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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Top IMS Services – Survey Results

The table below shows the results of IMS Insider's (www.ims-insider.com) strawman survey at the IMS World Forum (see my last posting for more details). Delegates were asked to read through short descriptions of 22 potential IMS-enhanced services. They were then asked to choose their Top 5 from a short-list, which has been aggregated below.

Top 10:

1. Video Sharing 30 votes
2. Unified Messaging 29 votes
3. Single Virtual Directory 25
4. Unified Communications 23
5=. Click to Conference 22
5=. Net Meeting 22
7= Personal Assistant 19
7= Multiplayer Gaming 19
7= Friends & Family Tracking 19
10. Virtual PBX 18

Ranked 11-22:

Location-based profile match 13 votes
Security Monitoring 9
Field Force Efficiency 8
Logistics/Fleet Tracking/Mgt 7
Single Number/Dual Ringing 6
One-Device, Two-Number 6
Inbound call screening 6
Call completion 5
Intelligent Call Centre Routing 4
Find-me-follow-me 4
Multi-Channel Tele Voting 4
Group Hunt 1

See my last posting for the descriptions of these.

(NB: If you'd like more on this, please subscribe to the IMS-Insider. In October's edition of the monthly report we offer a rigorous analysis of how to prioritise IMS services and provide mini-case studies of what we believe will be the most profitable IMS-enabled/enhanced services, and how to realise the opportunity – http://www.ims-insider.com/.)

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