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Friday, December 30, 2005

Vodafone Future Products Unit - a great day for IMS

Building on the sentiments of the previous posting, I was delighted to see the formal announcement today that Vodafone has set up a global Future Products Unit: http://futureproducts.vodafone.com/FutureProductsOverview.aspx

Leading thinkers in their global marketing department have long complained that they are forced only to consider new services that can be delivered within 12 months, while the R&D functions look at future developments 3 years out. So there has been a gap between the two: defining services that can be developed and delivered in 1-2 year's time.

Why is this important for the IMS industry? Because 1-2 years out is prime IMS territory. IMS functionality, combined with other technical developments (handsets, bandwidth, federated identity standards, etc) will open up huge opportunities for mobile and FMC operators. To date the operators have not been geared up (process-wise and organisationally) to even conceive of what these might be and how to take advantage of them. Maybe Vodafone will be able to steal a march on their competitors via the FPU.

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