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Monday, January 23, 2006

IMS - Inspired or Insane?

(The IMS Insider Global Online IMS Attitude Survey. Just 8 days to go till it closes. Please take part if you haven't already. It takes 10 minutes to complete. Full free report to participants-only in February. Go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=909631592609.)

I'm delighted to announce a partnership between IMS Insider and Moriana Group (www.morianagroup.com). Moriana are IMS analysts par excellence and publishers of the 'Operator Guide to IMS' (we call it "the bible"). The new version of this guide - a collosal piece of research and analysis - is being launched at 3GSM in Feb, but you can pre-order your copy (it's free) at the Moriana website.

Amongst other things (watch this space), we will be working with Moriana on the Market Study that will come out of our online IMS Attitude Survey (see above). The study will combine results of the survey with feedback from 1-on-1 interviews with key IMS/future services professionals within major operators and our review of recent market sizing reports. This study will nicely complement the Operator Guide and is free to participants in the online survey only.

In the meantime, to warm you up to some of the issues we'll be tackling, I recommend the excellent telepocalypse blog to all our readers. Martin Geddes, the author consults to some of the big players on "living with dumb pipes" and "the future of telephony". His view is that IMS veers between "inspired and insane". Have a read: http://www.telepocalypse.net/archives/000787.html. We'll be building on some of his superbly provocative points in our Market Study.

The Editor

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