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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TISPAN WG4 Workshop - NGN Interconnect & Numbering

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Some very useful presentations (if technical) from a recent ETSI TISPAN workshop on NGN Interconnection and numbering issues. This was posted on the excellent Voip & Enum blog http://www.voipandenum.blogspot.com/:

"Last week ERO hosted an ETSI TISPAN WG4 meeting and also a TRIS Meeting in Copenhagen. WG4 is the workgroup in ETSI TISPAN dealing with Numering, Naming, Addressing and Routing Issues, and TRIS is a European Regulators Group (ECC PT2) and stands for Technical Regulation & Interconnection Standards.

John Horrocks (DTI), chairman of TRIS and vice-chair of TISPAN WG4, organized a joint workshop between TRIS and TISPAN WG4 on Wednesday. Since TISPAN WG had also a joint session with representatives from the GSM Association (GSMA) on Tuesday, speakers and partizipants from GSMA where also available. The workshop was attended by 60 people and had to close registration early because of limited floor space. Both the speakers and the audience represented an interesting cross section of the European Telecomunicatuons scene, including regulators, operators, ISPs and manufacturers. There was even an representative from NTT Japan present.

John Horrocks opened the workshop by setting the scene with an Overview of NGN – its services and interconnection, including “simulation” and “emulation” and the numbering options.

Tim Wright (BT Wholesale) continued with a presentation of BT’s 21C network and its roll-out, migration and interconnection options.

Jean Craveur (France Telecom) followed with the plans of France Telecom on PSTN renewal, NGN and triple play offers, IMS and fixed-mobile convergence.

Back to UK, Paul Rosbotham (C&W) presented the other side of BT's 21CN, the effects of incumbent migration to NGN on new operators and interconnection, including the options considered in UK and effects on numbering and number portability.

John Horrocks presented the ideas currently discussed at TRIS to consider a new model for interconnection.The last presentation before lunch was done by Niall Halpenny (GSM Association) on the current GSMA plans and developments on IP Interworking (IPI), including the current SIP Trials and the future plans to enhance the current GPRS Interconnect Network (GRX) to the IPX, a network of networks open to interconnect with the CRX, fixed operators and everybody. Basically a second and better Internet ;-) - see also the afternoon presentation from Kim Fullbrook.

The morning presentations gave the big picture, the afternoon presentations where more technical and more related to specific numbering, interconnect and QoS issues.

John Horrocks (DTI) started again with an overview on numbering and naming for call routing, this time presenting the models currently discussed at TISPAN WG4.I followed with the developments around Infrastructure ENUM and also on VoIP Peering and Interconnect within the IETF, reporting from the re-chartering of the ENUM WG to include Infrastructure ENUM and also the WG-to-be SPEERMINT (Session PEERing for Multimedia INTerconnect.

Kim Fullbrook (O2 & GSMA) presented more in detail the plans from GSMA on IPX and Carrier/Infrastructure ENUM. In essence he was telling the same like anybody else setting up an Infrastructure ENUM tree: there can only be one global Infrastructure ENUM tree and why not ours?

Rob Borthwick (Vodafone) reviewed the TRIS Interconnection models and presented new charging models for MMS and premium services interworking.

The last two sessions concentrated on one of the central points the NGNs are marketed to be different from the Internet: QoS.John Horrocks presented: Delivering end-end quality – the state of the art (what we know and what we do not know) and priorities for the futureand Andy Reid (BT) Traffic management and congestion control.The workshop was well organized and gave an excellent overview on the current status of discussion on NGN Interconnect." [For more interesting commentary go to http://www.voipandenum.blogspot.com/].

The Editor, IMS Insider

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