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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Verizon and Yahoo launch co-branded FiOS

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I'm sure everyone's seen the announcement about Verizon's deal with Yahoo around FiOS (see below). Another great example of how the world's changing. Just think of all the opportunities for converged IP-based services...!

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Verizon, Yahoo Launch Co-Branded FiOS

Verizon Communications and Yahoo announced on Thursday the launch of a co-branded broadband service that delivers Internet access at up to 30 Mbits/s via Verizon's FTTP (fiber-to-the-premises) network plus a number of Yahoo extras.

The Verizon Yahoo for FiOS service builds on an agreement that the companies announced last year to offer integrated online services to Verizon's subscriber base. The new service is now available to Verizon customers in 15 states where the telco is working to deploy its fiber-optic network.

"Yahoo has been focused on the broadband arena for several years and in late 2005 we launched Verizon Yahoo for DSL," a Yahoo representative said. "The Verizon Yahoo for DSL and Verizon Yahoo for FiOS services are essentially the same; it's just a question of delivery method."

Verizon customers with FiOS access in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia now have free access to a number of Yahoo features, via a service-specific Web site. The integrated option also boasts connection capabilities at 5 to 30 Mbits/s downstream or 2 to 5 Mbits/s upstream, according to officials.
Verizon offers three tiers of its FiOS Internet service: For $34.95 per month (and an annual service plan) users receive 5 Mbits downstream/2 Mbits upstream connection speeds. For $44.95 per month, plus a service plan, they're upgraded to 15 Mbits downstream and 2 Mbits upstream. Have a need for speed? Get ready to pay: $179.95 per month buys a customer 30 Mbits downstream and 5 Mbits upstream connectivity capability.

"Consumers are into different things – from politics to tech security issues to music videos," said a Yahoo spokesperson. "The new FiOS service was designed with our customers in mind and includes all of those elements. We offer everything across the board."

Read the rest of this PC Magazine story: "Verizon, Yahoo Launch Co-Branded FiOS"

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