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Monday, January 30, 2006

World's biggest online IMS Attitude Survey

(The IMS Insider Global Online IMS Attitude Survey. Just 2 days to go till it closes. Please take part if you haven't already. It takes 10 minutes to complete. Full free report to participants-only in February. Go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=909631592609.)

The IMS Insider online IMS Attitude Survey is closing Tuesday at midnight GMT. So far we've had over 300 practitioners taking part. A big thank you to all those who have.

The survey, deliberately short and simple, has looked at current perceptions of:

- The importance of IMS
- The key drivers for adoption
- The relative importance of implementation issues
- The current performance of operators against these key issues
- The timing for adoption of IMS for different operator types
- Which operators are leading the field in IMS strategy
- Which vendors are leading the field in IMS solutions

Survey participants have come from all different operator types (fixed, mobile and fixed-mobile converged), ISPs, NEP and IT vendors, content providers, ISVs and consultants. All the continents have been represented (apart from Antarctica!), and 40% of the respondents have been commercial (non-technical).

What Next?
We will be analysing the results this week and will produce a report in PDF form next week. This will then be sent free of charge to all participants. (One or two people only filled in their names and didn't participate in the survey - unfortunately, they won't qualify for a free report.)

Phase Two

The big issue, of course, is what sorts of services should IMS be enabling. Our view is that there needs to be a significant change in the way operators are organised (structures, processes and capabilities) if they are to develop the sorts of high value services that take advantage of IMS, pre-IMS and IMS-type architectures.

So, over the next 3-4 weeks we will be conducting depth interviews with key people in the industry with the aim of identifying how this change should occur.

We will be gathering people's views on:
- What 'convergence' really means and the precise opportunities and threats it brings to the industry?
- What 'future proofing' developments (at an industry and company level) are going well and what are not, and why?
- What's working well with today's service development processes and what isn't, and why?
- How do service development processes need to change to take advantage of an IP-based world?
- What is the technology roadmap to a future IP-based converged world? What is the role of SDPs? What are the interim solutions?
- What does the organisational change roadmap look like?
- Which industries and companies do we need to learn from more to make an effective leap forward?

In parallel with these interviews we will be conducting desk research into:
- IMS market sizing (updating the refining the current metrics)
- Best practice in IP-based service development from other industries

We will combine the output from the online survey with the qualitative interviews and the desk research to produce a unique Market Study focusing on 'How to manage New Converged Service Development in an increasingly IP-based world?' Details of contents and price* to follow...

(* NB: This Market Study will be free to subscribers of IMS Insider - go to www.ims-insider.com for details - and phase two interviewees only, payable for others.)

The Editor, IMS Insider

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