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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

IMS Migration Strategies - Workshop, 6th April, London

(NEW IMS Insider online survey - "Key Issues in developing IMS-based Converged Services". To participate go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=680211758609 It takes 15 minutes, and participants - only - will get a FREE copy of summary results.)

The Editor is current at 3GSM gathering information on and testing ideas about IMS migration strategies. In parallel, our colleagues at STL's Converged Services Practice (www.stlpartners.com) are interviewing 25 key players from across the TMT value chain as input into their major market study on Converged Services implementation strategies. News and views on what's been hot and what's not re IMS from 3GSM will follow later!

In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a special WORKSHOP based around our research and market study on 6th April in London, in partnership with the Moriana Group. Details below:

MARKET STUDY WORKSHOP, 6th April, Central London

Based on the results of our online surveys and in-depth Market Study on IMS and future converged service planning, and on Moriana's latest 'Operator Guidebook to IMS 2.0', we are planning on running a workshop for selected participants.

- Title: How to successfully plan for delivering IP-based converged services?
- Duration: 1 day
- Date: 6th April
- Venue: Central London
- Method: Presentations + facilitated collaborative brainstorming, using STL's 'Mindshare' process*
- Price: 400 GBP per participant

> Clarifying the key opportunities/threats of Convergence on telcos
> New revenue generating models for operators
> What approaches to service creation will be most successful
> Best practice in service creation from around the world
> Technical & Organisational migration strategies
> What we can practically learn from Google, Skype, Yahoo and others

Session inputs: IMS Insider Surveys x 2 (Global Attitudes, IMS-based Converged Service Creation), IMS Insider/STL Market Study (interviews with 25 senior practitioners from across the value chain, market forecast analysis), Moriana Group 'Operator Guidebook to IMS v 2.0'.

* 'Mindshare': Participants will have access to wireless laptops linked together by special brainstorming software. This allows simultaneous and anonymous processing of ideas stimulated by the event presentations and provides a structured record of the debates. All output will be made available to participants after the event. STL uses this process with its consulting clients to great effect: everyone has their say, but the best ideas come forward in a structured way.

If you'd like to reserve a place or would like more information, please email me: editor@ims-insider.com

The Editor, IMS Insider



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