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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

92% of Telco Professionals say 'Strategic Re-Think' a Key Priority

(NINE DAYS TO GO! IMS Insider online survey - "Key Issues in developing IMS-based Converged Services". To participate go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=680211758609 It takes 15 minutes. Participants - only - will get a FREE copy of summary results. Survey closes on 23rd March.)

(IMS Insiders' Future Services workshop, 6th April, Thistle Hotel, Heathrow Airport: "Best Practice Strategies and Tactics for Success in IP-based converged world". For more details, do to www.ims-insider.com)

IMS Insider is working flat out with STL, Moriana Group and friends on analysing the output from the current online survey and our depth interviews as preparation for the 'Insiders' workshop on 6th April at London Heathrow Airport. (The Venue is now confirmed as the Thistle Hotel).

We've had great response to the workshop, with particular interest in the new FRAMEWORK we're creating to help operators plan better their strategies for success in an IP-based Converged world. Also, a great pleasure to have the FOKUS team from Germany's Fraunhofer Institute supporting the event. (www.ims-insider.com for full details).

The online survey has 9 days to go until it's stopped, but I asked my colleague Chris Barraclough from STL's Converged Services Practice to give us a sneak preview.

Below is a (very) brief summary of one of the key outputs from the survey (180 telco professionals, 42% Europe, 50:50 Commercial:Technical).

60% say 'Strategic Re-Think' is THE top priority for telcos; 92% say it's a Key priority.

"So far the survey is showing a clear belief in need for strategic rethink of the role of the operator in a Converged TMT world.

The Survey and the market study also show that uncertainty is the predominant feeling amongst senior execs. This stems from (a) a lack of clarity about where industry is moving; (b) no clear framework for analysing industry events and changes - partnerships, product launches; (c) concern that current strategies and metrics are becoming irrelevant , but difficulty in developing new ones; (d) an inability to see a clear migration path to a future IP-world that is low-risk and minimises capital requirements (and maximises use of current investments)."

Chris says that STL has invested heavily in developing a methodology that is designed to: (a) build real understanding of the changes that are currently taking place in the industry; (b) provide a framework for quantifiable strategic decision-making and (c) optimise the execution of strategies for the IP-World through a step-by-step migration path.

STL will be show-casing ('road-testing') the methodology at the 'Insiders' workshop and in a Market Study report based on 40 industry interviews and online surveys with over 500 telco professionals around the world. (For those who can't make the workshop, the Market Study report will be made available from early April).

The Editor, IMS Insider

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