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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Telco 2.0 Report - How to succeed in an IP based world

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(IMS Insiders' Future Services workshop, 6th April, Thistle Hotel, Heathrow Airport: "Best Practice Strategies and Tactics for Success in an IP-based converged world". For more details, do to www.ims-insider.com)

We're in the last phase of analysing and synthesising a mountain of data and ideas that we've been collecting since January.

This will go into the IMS Insider/STL/Moriana Market Study entitled 'Telco 2.0 - How to succeed in an IP-based converged world' - the most comprehensive and, hopefully, most practically useful study on the planet today. (We will be presenting a summary of this at our 'insiders' workshop on 6th April at Heathrow - see www.ims-insider.com).

To create it we undertook the following activity between Jan and March 2006:

- Online surveys with 500 respondents
- 20 depth interviews with Operators
- 20 depth interviews with vendors
- Review of 30 industry white papers
- Synthesis of 20 market forecasts
- Review of 50 conference presentations
- Review of 15 key blogs
- Analysis of 50 announcements and press releases
- Review of 50 exhibitors at 3GSM

The final report (which goes on sale in April) will be over 150 pages long, with over 50 diagrams and charts. We've worked hard to make it valuable to operators and vendors alike, as follows:

1.) Analysis by senior practitioners, not journalists or researchers. Our analysis team includes an ex-CEO of O2, an ex-Marketing Director of Orange, an ex-Strategy Director of MCI, ex-Product Development Manager at Sprint, and ex-Product Strategy Manager of Ericsson, who have also worked at major consulting organisations. They've got over 70 years of in-house experience in telcos around the world. Our editors are senior analysts - editor of IMS Insider and MD of Moriana Group.

2.) Comprehensive synthesis, not just one aspect of IP Convergence. We've analysed all the commentaries and forecasts that touch on TMT Convergence, interrogated them, and condensed them into the 'killer stats' that senior execs at telcos should know. The value, hopefully, is that these are all now in one single comprehensive document.

3.) Up-to-date attitudes and insight from leading practitioners from 100 companies. Primary research has included interviews with over 45 leaders in the field and a survey of over 500 others since January. We know what people in over 100 different companies are thinking TODAY.

4.) Useable format, not pages of long-hand. The report will be in a slide format in PDF (not long hand). Stuffed full of charts, diagrams and graphics for more powerful communication. People have asked us for this format because I think nowadays people find that this way it's easier to a.) read, b.) navigate around and c.) use to discuss with colleagues (in meetings etc).

But the biggest value, we feel, will be its focus on...

5.) Practical next steps, not just forecasts and commentary. The meat of the report describes a NEW MODEL we've created to help operators create effective plans to a.) optimise their current activities and investments AND b.) migrate effectively towards a very different IP-based converged world.

While the report can be bought alone, most value will be derived from the accompanying workshop, which we've specially designed to help companies process the opportunities for them specifically.

Those coming to the IMS Insider Strategy Workshop on 6th April will get a summary of the report for free.

The (draft) contents structure is below. Details of costs and publication dates will be posted soon. Please do let me know if you have any queries/comments: editor@ims-insider.com.


1.TMT (Telco, Media, Technology) - How the market is transitioning
- Scope & Definitions
- Frameworks for Industry Analysis: Market Forces & Operator SWOT
- Changing Industries: Web 2.0, Media 2.0, Telco 2.0
- Examples of Disruption: New competitors, partnerships, products & services, business models
- Implications for Operators

2. Market Change – A Compendium of Killer Stats on IP Convergence:
- User attitudes to IP Services and Convergence
- Network capability: Investments in IP
- Access Technologies: Growth in Pervasive Bandwidth
- Service adoption: What services are going to be Big
- Devices: How customers will access Services

3.Operator Responses to IP Convergence (from IMS Insider Surveys & Interviews):
- Introduction and Background to Surveys & Interviews
- Attitudes to Convergence
- Key Technology Enablers (Standards and Standard Architectures)
- IMS – attitudes to and status of
- Operator Preparations for Convergence & Timeframes for Adoption of IP/IMS
- Market Leaders in IMS (including the IMS Insider Deployment Register)
- Services and Service Development
- Strategic Implications of Convergence
- Barriers to Future Success
- Implications for Operators

4.Profitable Future Service Scenarios – Examples:
- Movie Rental with Federated Identity
- Advanced Communications for business
- Implications for Operators

5. Operator Key Challenges

6.Operator Stepping Stones for Success:
- Introducing the STL’s 3-step approach
Step 1 – Build understanding
- STL’s IP Situation and Strategy Analysis (IPSASA) tool
- Measuring industry and company changes
Step 2 – Re-define the corporate, service and technology strategies:
- Corporate Strategy Options for Operators
- Prioritising service strategies: STL’s Service Prioritisation Matrix (SPM)
- Technical Architecture best-practice
Step 3 – Embark on low-risk migration:
- Migration steps and goals: The critical 8 steps
- STL’s ‘Scorecard’ for managing change
- Migration priorities for different operator segments

7.Industry Best-Practice: Case Studies and Learnings
- Operator: BT
- Operator: Swisscom
- Operator: Rogers Telecom
- Evaluating Vendors: Criteria for operators
- Lessons from Internet companies: Yahoo and Google


The Editor, IMS Insider

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