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Friday, April 07, 2006

IMS World Forum - book if you haven't already

Apologies to readers who've experienced silence on this blog for the last week or so. We've been working extremely hard to get our 'Telco 2.0' Market Study completed - a major feat of synthesis and analysis! Watch this space for a big launch w/c 1st May.

And those who completed the online survey on Converged Services will be getting a report w/c 17 April.

We were also preparing heavily for the inaugural IMS Insider industry workshop which we ran at London Heathrow yesterday. Some major things were clarified in my mind and we generated a huge volume of idea, questions and...some answers. Thanks to all those who participated and particularly to Christophe Gourraud from Swisscom for his session on 'migration strategies and tactics' - he has to be the most knowledgeable person on the planet about how to effectively apply 3GPP specs.

We've been preparing our keynote presentation for the 3rd IMS World Forum in Barcelona on 25-27 April - http://www.imsvision.com/imswf/. This is THE premium global IMS networking event - I strongly recommend booking a place if you haven't already.

With all this activity, the Editor is taking a week's holiday now in a remote area of rural Portugal (which, by the way, has superb broadband access). This blog will be coming blasting back into action from 17th April.

In the meantime it's been extremely gratifying to get this sort of feedback recently:

IMS Insider Monthly Report: "You guys are doing a great job of stripping away the marketing fluff out there and providing an honest look at the state of the market. "

IMS Insider inaugural Insiders' Workshop: "It was a very intensive day, but really worth it....I got more interesting information and interactions than in a whole week of a traditional IMS conference."

"I really liked the virtual discussion [the 'Mindshare' collaborative technology] and the very open discussion you facilitated during the presentations - normally at conferences it is high level talk with little content."

The Editor, IMS Insider

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