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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Disappointing IMS Webinar with Verizon

A very disappointing webinar organised by FierceVOIP last week, with Verizon and inCode.

Surely we all know this, and have heard it time and time again. The presentations were far to generalised and sweeping, saying:

- Most roll outs of IMS are happening today through to the end of 2007
- Wireline are seeing IMS as a means to enter Wireless marketplace
- Wireless are seeing IMS as a means to enter wireline marketplace
- Realisation is attributable to service and revenue generation, not investments in new technology
- Most realisations are focued on; Cost savings, Revenue Generating, internal capabilites to new strategy plans, (e.g. entering VoIP or IPTV markets)
- IMS will/can provide the enabling infrastructure for FMC
- Few applications defined today and correct business case checks need to be applied to any that are announced or considered
- Initial roll outs suggest focus on converged voice applications, with data services coming later

From webinars and conferences we need far greater focus on new learning, results of implementations or pilots, practical guides to IMS migrations or experiences of commercialising the promises.

That's why we're doing our own insiders 'industry brainstorm' on 4-5 Oct in London, focusing on creating a new (and practical) framework for defining IMS services and applications and dealing with key issues (devices, interoperability, etc). Details are 2 postings below. More on this to follow...

PS: The latest edition of IMS Insider Monthly report was shipped to subscribers last week. It clarifies the 'Telco 2.0' context for IMS and the weaknesses in the current IMS vision. See www.ims-insider.com.

The Editor, IMS Insider


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