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Sunday, May 07, 2006

IMS, Golf, Beer and Intel

Of the vendors we've been analysing recently, Intel have one of the most interesting IMS stories.

We'll be reviewing that in a few weeks in the IMS Insider Report, but for those not 'au fait' I'd strongly recommend going along to one of the IMS Application Delivery Seminars they're running with BEA in June (another increasingly interesting company since they took most of Sun's JAIN and SDP experts).

- The first seminar is at the Paris Golf & Country Club on 8th June (Register here: http://w2.nationalmailing.com/intel/paris/). But hurry, as the golfing slots are going fast.

- The second is at The Brewery in London on 29th June (Register here: http://w2.nationalmailing.com/intel/london/).

Below are the details of the seminars (for more specific information I suggest you contact directly David Zaoui, Intel's extremely nice and knowledgeable EMEA market development manager - david.zaoui@intel.com).

IMS Application Delivery Seminars

Spend a day with Intel and BEA, leaders in IMS Modular Communications Platforms and Service-Oriented Architecture.

- How to deploy IMS applications rapidly on open standards platforms
- IMS and SDP convergence strategies
- IMS benchmarks and lab trials
- Live demos of IMS applications deployed over full IMS networks

0830 Registration and Breakfast
0900 Intel – Overview of Intel IMS programme
0930 BEA – IMS and SDP convergence
1030 ISV: NetCentrex – Video & Media with demo
1215 Business Lunch
1330 Cap Gemini – Integrating End-to-End IMS Platforms
1415 Lab Integration (Solution/Business Case/ROI/etc)
1500 Q&A and Close (end of session and Golf invitation)

The Editor, IMS Insider

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