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Thursday, May 18, 2006

KPN: A viable IMS vision

A tremendous post just in from Martin Geddes at www.telepocalypse.net blog (reproduced below). He's at the VON conference - posting direct to blog from the meeting. Martin has been working with us (and our colleagues at www.STLpartners.com) on our Telco 2.0 Market Study and on our follow up workshops with customers. He'll also be at our October IMS Services Forum meeting (see posts below for more details):

"...I’m listening to IMS architect Colin Pons from KPN. Wow. An operator that gets it.

He sees IMS as a technology that (in his words) makes the Internet more important for customers. No walled garden, preserve the end-to-end principle. Deploy it as a big application-layer intelligent router that ties together value-adding services. (What he means is intelligent find-me/follow-me, next gen voicemail etc. — not trivial mapping of logical identifiers to network addresses in a desperate attempt to generate billable events). And IMS is a transitional technology to a P2P world.

Most notable is that he sees identity as being front and central to their effort. I know that he knows this is a deep and complex area, and not something that can be easily articulated in one busy slide on a panel session.

Tied with KPN’s “scorched earth” strategy for deploying fiber connectivity across the Netherlands, this proposes a radically different culture and outlook to the average operator. They have seen the light that they will only survive by delivering super-abundance to the users, and by attracting users into their world by offering compelling value, not by trying to hold them to ransom by erecting barriers to achieving their goals.

My only bone would be whether KPN is making the most efficient use of capital in evading the Dutch municipal network trend. If they follow their own logic to its conclusion, owning the network isn’t much of an advantage any more.

For US readers, this is a description of a telecom world from another planet, with races to deploy fiber and empower users.

Hopefully I can find an excuse to visit Amsterdam again, one of my favourite cities. Not that it needs an excuse. And I know a few readers who may have a more skeptical view of KPN..."

The Editor, IMS Insider

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