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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

IMS event and research - discounts for readers of this blog

I'm delighted to make 2 pre-summer 'Special Offers' to readers of this blog for:

1.) the IMS Services Industry Brainstorm, 4-5 Oct, London
2.) the Telco 2.0 Market Study Report

1.) IMS Services Industry Brainstorm, 4-5 Oct, London - Special Offer

I'm delighted to say that we have already confirmed stimulus presenters from Telefonica, SFR, Telecom Italia, TeliaSonera, SK Telecom, Swisscom Mobile, MultiServiceForum, Disruptive Analysis, and pending from KPN, France Telecom and Vodafone Group. And IMS Insider has started its special analysis programme in preparation for the event. (See event 'Inputs' and 'Outputs'.)

Special Offer: IMS Insider reports worth £995 for those that register for event before 15th July*

In addition to the ‘Early Bird discount’ we are also offering to those who register for the event by 15th July: six back copies of the IMS Insider Monthly Report (Jan-June 2006) + Latest IMS Global Deployments Register + Six month's subscription (personal, individual license) to IMS Insider for July - Dec 2006. Normal Price: £995. See IMS Insider for editorial list.

If you'd like to take up the offer, please email me directly: editor@ims-insider.com quoting this blog post.

* Note: There are only 20 places available for (non-sponsoring) vendors at the event. All our effort goes into attracting the right number and proportion of Operator participants to make the brainstorm effective for all.

2.) Telco 2.0 Market Study Report - Special Offer

Discounts available before 15th July

“The only market report today that a.) fully analyses the transformational changes to the industry, b.) the effect on Network Architectures, and c.) offers practical steps to making money in an IP world.”

The full Telco 2.0 report (“How to make money in an IP-based world”) is now available for purchase. This provides the critical context for IMS, NGN and Product Development design and investment decisions. Team licenses (1-5 people) and corporate licenses (whole company) are available. A cut down version with a more technical focus is also available.

Special Offer: We are offering 10% off the list prices (details at
www.telco2.net/report). (Please email us and quote ‘June Promo’: contact@stlpartners.com)

The report (250 pages long) is very different from typical analyst reports because:

· It clearly articulates the fundamental technological and cultural shifts affecting current operator business models
· It provides the ‘killer stats’ to help communicate these issues internally
· It describes new practices for taking advantage of IP Convergence
· It provides an holistic road-map (commercial and technical) for moving forward, a.) For developing the optimal corporate, product and technology strategies to win in an IP-based world; b.) For optimising existing business processes, technology and organisational structures and for effectively migrating to the new world
· It is written by senior telco execs (not researchers or journalists)
· It is presented in an easy to use slide format

Key Questions Answered:

- How is the Telco-Media-Technology market really transitioning?
- What are the fundamental technical and cultural shifts affecting the market?
- When and how will the impact of this disruption be felt?
- What are the proof points of market change? Are we really hitting a ‘tipping point’ in business models and service types? And when will they happen?
- What are people thinking today within operator and vendor organizations about NGN, Standards and IMS deployment?
- What strategies should operators adopt to effectively respond to IP-based Convergence?
- What are the key barriers to success?
- How should operators plan their investment strategies in the Network and IT (IMS, NGN, OSS/BSS); in Products and Services (Legacy, FMC, VOIP, Triple Play, IPTV); in Partnerships (Content and Commerce); in Handsets (UI and supply chain); and in Corporate Strategy.
- How can operators build understanding of change internally?
- How can corporate, service and technology strategies be re-aligned to deal with disruptive market forces?
- How to embark on high-return optimization and low-risk migration?
- Which companies are taking the best approaches to IP Convergence?
- What can be learnt from non-Telco competitors – Internet Giants, Start-Ups, Retailers and others entering Telco?
- How should operators choose vendors and partners, given the above?

More info, or email contact@stlpartners.com

The Editor, IMS Insider

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