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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sneak Preview of IMS Services Industry Brainstorm, Oct 06, London

As readers will know, between January and April 2006 (thanks to those who took part), we undertook a massive research exercise into the problems facing IMS. We've now turned that into a major report (called 'Telco 2.0 - How to make money in an IP-based world'?) - it's now available: www.telco2.net/report.

From an IMS perspective it clearly shows that the industry is still struggling with defining what applications and services IMS should focus on supporting. Following discussions with people at the IMS World Forum (April 2006), we were approached by senior practitioners in the industry to put together a special 'Industry Brainstorm' on the topic.

It focuses exclusively on the thorny topic of 'IMS Services' - how to define them, how to build them, and how to migrate commercial processes and technical architectures to support them effectively.

We'll be launching this officially tomorrow, but here's a sneak preview for readers of this blog: www.imsservicesforum.com

The format is very different (facilitated group brainstorming process stimulated by specially commissioned presentations). Topics covered:

Day One: new vision for IMS services:

The true commercial requirements (business model) for IMS (in light of Telco 2.0)
The true technical requirements from IMS, and migration approach (in light of
Telco 2.0)
The gaps in standards…and how to fill them
A new framework for classifying and defining IMS applications and services

Day Two: Practical solutions to key challenges:

Service Creation, SDP and the Application Layer
Dealing with Client/Device deficiencies
Leveraging User Data
3rd Party Interoperability & Integration
Pre-IMS Services

The Editor, IMS Insider


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