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Monday, June 12, 2006

Vodafone New Strategy - Best Analysis is in the Blogs

I spoke at 2 conferences in Europe recently, one on Next Generation Networks and one on SDPs. I presented a very high level summary of our 'Telco 2.0' Report (www.telco2.net/report), and told the audience that the best analysis (in terms of quality, speed and price - free!) is in the blogs. I then asked who reads blogs. One or two hands went up! Lots of people were keen afterwards to get a list of the 'hot blogs'. Says something...

To prove the point, here are 5 of the best analyses of Vodafone's new strategy (which is already prompting a shareholder mini-revolt) - all blogs. All look at it from different angles, but all are aligned in their macro analysis of the 'sustainability' of the strategy (as it has been presented publically, at least). Four of these analyst-bloggers have been involved in the design of our Telco 2.0 and IMS Services Industry Brainstorms on 4-5 Oct in London, and will be participating as 'Analysts-in-residence'.

"Bumps in the long road to Vodafone 2.0":






The Editor, IMS Insider

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