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Friday, July 07, 2006

Top class stimulators for IMS and Telco 2.0 brainstorms

I'm delighted to unveil the confirmed speakers (as at 7/7/06) for the IMS Services Industry Brainstorm, and below that the Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm. They're co-located at the London Bridge Hilton, so great opportunities for networking in between the intensive brainstorming sessions.

We are currently briefing the stimulus speakers and planning the detail of the brainstorming.

IMS Services Industry Brainstorm - stimulus presenters (to date):

* Luis Angel Galindo Sanchez, Senior Technology Expert, Telefonica
* Pascal Correc, Chief Architect, SFR

* Ian Pannell, Senior Manager - Global Service Platform, Vodafone Group
* Roberto Gavazzi, Client Area Manager, Telecom Italia
* Ferruccio Antonelli, Director, Services Layer Engineering, Telecom Italia
* Antti Pelinnen, VP Business Development, Telia Sonera
* Wooyong Choi, IMS Development Manager, SK Telecom
* Christophe Gourraud, Lead Technical Architect, Swisscom Mobile
* Dean Bubley, MD, Disruptive Analysis
* Roger Ward, President, MultiServiceForum

* Malcolm Wardlaw, Director, Converged Services, Intelligence & Applications, BT Group
* Kenn Walters, Director, STL; ex-CEO, O2 Germany

* Stefan Holtel, Service Creation Mastermind, Vodafone Group
* David MacDonald, Director Technology & Standards, GSMA
* Colin Pons, Senior Architect, WSO Innovation Management, KPN (awating final confirm)

* Chris Lennartz, Director, Intuitive Messaging Initiative, LogicaCMG
* Fernand Schroll, FMC Product Line Manager, Siemens
* Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, STL

Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm - confirmed stimulus presenters (to date):

* James Enck, Chief Telecoms Analyst, Daiwa Securities
* Group Chief, BT (final name tbc)
* Kennet Radne, Senior Vice President, Products & Services, TeliaSonera
* Ole Obermann, VP, European Digital Business Development, Sony BMG Music Entertainment
* Jim Holden, Director of Global Wireless Partnerships, Google
* Alessandro Petazzi, Director, IPTV Marketing & Content, Fast Web
* Craig Forman, EVP and President VAS, Earthlink
* Norman Lewis, Director of Technology Research, Wanadoo
* Ignacio Tome Vilanova, Head of Entertainment, Telefonica Moviles Espana
* Falk von Bornstaedt, Vice President, IP & Carrier Solutions, Deutsche Telekom AG
• Judy Gibbons, Venture Partner, Accel Partners; Non-Exec Director, O2
* Patrick Parodi, Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum
* Stuart Collingwood, Vice President Europe, SlingMedia

* Berit Svendsen, Executive Vice President, Technology and CTO, Telenor
* Jonathan Jowitt, Head of Enhanced Multimedia Development, Orange
* Harman Wagter, Managing Director, Amsterdam FTTH initiative (CityNet)
* Alan Duric, CTO, Telio
* Tomi Ahonen, Author, 3G expert
* Matteo Gatta, Group Strategy Director, Belgacom
* John Riordan, Head of New Product Development, Swisscom
* Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman & Creative Director, Oglivy One Worldwide

* Ken Ducatel, Cabinet Member, European Commission

See www.telco2.net/blog for more on this

The Editor, IMS Insider
NB: The editor will be on holiday for next 2 weeks. Back with a vengence on 24th July.

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