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Friday, August 25, 2006

IMS-enabled revenue growth - Mirage or Miracle?

Two important things have happened over the summer. The concept of ‘Telco 2.0’ became popular among the senior commercial execs we’ve been talking to (see www.telco2.net/manifesto) and, in preparing for the IMS Services brainstorm on 4-5 Oct, the IMS Insider team has became clearer about the role of IMS in helping operators survive in an IP-based world...and what it's role is NOT.

Next week we publish (for our subscribers) a special Summer edition of the IMS Insider Report.

This edition is designed as a ‘Reality Check’: Can IMS (really) help operators make money in a Telco 2.0 world? I think we’re clear about the cost reduction and technical efficiency benefits. But many (most? all?) practitioners still believe there’s a pot of new gold out there from new revenue streams that IMS services will bring.

Our ‘Hypothesis’ (on the state of IMS today and what needs to happen to move it forward) has been very well received by the stimulus speakers at the October Brainstorm. These are the leading 'insiders', specialists, practitioners, who are struggling with getting their organisations to align on a single, sensible vision for IMS that creates value for their companies, rather than leading them down blind allys.

In the 'Soap Box' section of the Summer Edition our Chief Analyst (Chief Cynic?), Martin Geddes, firstly analyses the IMS propositions of the major NEP vendors. He then looks in-depth at the service creation (and revenue growth) claims of IMS made by in-house architects. Finally he describes an alternative 'QoS' method called 'Paris Metro Pricing'. Martin will be kicking off the IMS Services brainstorm on 4-5 Oct when he'll go through these points and others in detail.

As IMS case studies, The Summer Edition looks at the activities of two interesting companies – Arcor (no. 2 fixed line player in Germany) who Vodafone are cosying up to fast now, and KPN in Holland (we like their philosophical approach to IMS).

In the Main Section, Chris Barraclough, previously an equity analyst at JP Morgan, consultant with Gemini, Marketing Director at Orange and Worldcom, and co-author of the Telco 2.0 Report , describes a new approach to thinking about NGN/IMS investment in the context of Telco 2.0 commercial strategy.

Finally, we’ve trawled the web for the best IMS articles and the most important news. All this and more for subscribers. Go to www.ims-insider.com for cost details.

The Editor, IMS Insider

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