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Thursday, August 17, 2006

IMS Services - event agenda updated

After lots of intense briefings with participants and speakers, the latest version of the agenda and brainstorming flow is now up on the IMS Services Brainstorm site - click here. This is will evolve further, but good for now...

We're delighted to welcome more sponsors and endorsers. Why are they interested: "This is very different to the normal 'Death by Powerpoint' events"; "You've hit the nail on the head here"; "Looking forward to experiencing the Mindshare brainstorming process"...

PS: As a complete aside, we have Google ads on this site. Google attaches them automatically based on the contents of the site. Today, their clever algorithm identified that our readers (or maybe the telco industry in general) is suffering a 'Mid-Life Crisis' and linked this ad to our site: http://www.fortysixty.org/ . I hope it helps!!

The Editor, IMS Insider; editor@ims-insider.com

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