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Friday, September 22, 2006

IMS is a...'routing platform'

Very useful response here to our post below from Colin Pons, chief IMS architect at KPN in Holland. We've talked before about why we like KPN's vision for IMS. Colin will be giving a specially prepared stimulus presentation at the IMS Services Brainstorm on 4-5 Oct in the section on 'New Technical Vision for IMS'. We'll be discussing SOA and other platform choices with Malcolm Wardlaw, Director Converged Services from BT Group and Pascal Correc, Chief Architect at SFR.

Colin says:

"Whether IMS is just an application may depend on your perspective. I would rather classify is as a routing platform. Some clarification may be in order. The CSCF is a SIP proxy, its split personality in IMS comes from the need to support roaming, mobile access networks and mobile devices; but is essence it is still a SIP proxy. In conjunction with the HSS it is able to act as SIP registrar. And in my opinion there is about where IMS should have stopped, focus on providing interoperable SIP networks able to satisfy mobile and fixed networks and different business models.

In reality we see that the NEP and many incumbent Telco's are promoting to be able to solve 'all' your convergence needs, seamless services, etc.

Many of these claims are on application layer. An if there would exist a unique IMS application ever, I bet I could develop it also with SIP. Point being: don't go looking around for 'IMS' applications, but define what you need at the SIP session control layer and buy the components you need; IMS could fulfill that need if you are selective.

Yet this does not conflict with also my personal belief that the future will be service-oeriented architectures. And I do belief that session-oriented platforms could support this providing additional enablers. IMS will not be the only session oriented platforms. For example IP TV needs one, and it is typically not IMS and it won't be for the at least the next few years. So IMS should be viewed as part of a larger body, a Service Delivery platform based on service-oriented architectures.

And who will most likely win out in that game...indeed IT vendors. And to my understanding also NEPs are starting to realize that if you look at all the partnership announcements etc."

The Editor, IMS Insider

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