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Monday, September 18, 2006

IMS Services - Young Customer Hothousing at BT

In a post a few weeks ago (Start with the psychology) we described the problems in introducing new technologies to consumers. We're therefore delighted to have Dr Tony Houghton, BT Group's internal 'Customer Perception Adviser', to stimulate us at the IMS Services Big Brainstorm on 4-5 Oct. Tony's a psychologist by background and will be telling us about BT's 'Young Customer Hothousing' technique that goes well beyond the normal 'focus groups'.

BT is a featured company in the Telco 2.0 Report, and this is another example of their innovative approach to the market. Tony sent us these words as an introduction to what he'll cover on 4th October:

Expectation shock: Young Customer Hothousing

Hothousing is BT’s way of kick-starting IT products and services development. It brings together customers, BT business experts and technology developers to work in competing teams in an intensive, competitive, yet fun environment over three consecutive 12-hour days. The objective is that this ‘hot’ environment fosters creativity and energizes teams to come up with a prototype, accompanying specification and plan to develop the product or service over the subsequent 90 days. The key question is:

Can the Hothousing approach be successfully adapted for young customers (the 'digital kids', our future customers) and with what benefit (to the students themselves, BT and telcos more generally)?

In his presentation, Dr Houghton will look at:

‘Classroom is not four walls’ – virtual classroom (fixed mobile, video) with community collaborative learning.

· Active Supermarket Trolley – featuring LBS shopping support, entertainment, advertising and reward points-based community build up.

· iVine intelligent technology that grows - Multipurpose Handheld device meeting the KISS needs of a 14-16 year old customer

· Driving Force – in-car service featuring LBS push entertainment, route information, road pricing, vehicle security

Tony will also show some video clips of the process in action, showing how Hothousing supports and energises the development of the prototype deliverables.

Can't wait...!

The Editor, IMS Insider

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