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Thursday, September 14, 2006

VON buzzwords

An interesting piece here from Martin Geddes at the VON conference in Boston here.

Martin will be giving a provocative stimulus presentation at the IMS Services Big Brainstorm on 4th Oct. He'll be describing what he thinks are the real assets (competitive to internet alternatives) that Telcos can leverage and suggest a more appropriate role for IMS to support this commercially.

I'm delighted to confirm today Motorola as a sponsor for the event in addition to Lucent, Siemens, Detecon, Intel and LogicaCMG. Motorola are kindly lending us Dr.
John Waclawsky, their Global Software Architect, and a Board Member of OMA, who's coming over from Chicago to help us understand some of the real problems around Handsets. I understand John is a provocative speaker as well. We're briefing him next week.

We're currently in the throws of helping all the stimulus presenters create short (15 mins only), highly focused and relevant talks, using hard data and real examples rather than all the normal 'IMS guff' that gets re-cycled at normal IMS conferences. This is the best way of achieving our ambitions for the 'Big Brainstorm'.

Delighted that every day we're getting senior people booking in... especially I think as the
Telco 2.0 Report is being bought and digested (all 250 pages of it!) by more and more companies.

The Editor, IMS Insider

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